Active Management advice for CEO’s

CEO Insights provides Active Management advice to CEOs, General Partners (GP) and Limited PE Partners (LP) going through the acquisition process. By evaluating the transitioning company’s critical operating functions, we help all stakeholders understand how to move forward successfully.

We are not consultants. Our goal is to help senior leadership, investors and potential investors by conducting a comprehensive review process to support better overall results.

Actively managing a business disposition: Preparing for a sale

This article looks at how CEOs and business owners can prepare to sell a business. There are a number of areas involved in preparing a business for disposition and your role in actively managing the sale is to ensure you are fully engaged. Keep a watchful eye on your team’s engagement and the cadence of the business, and stay focused on the execution, value-drivers, and key metrics of your business plan.

Actively managing the post-acquisition process

This article discusses what typically happens after a PE firm has made an investment and what I’ve learned as an active CEO in navigating change from a day-to-day perspective. Post-closing should be an exciting, invigorating time for the GP and the company’s senior leaders. Change usually comes quickly and supports the business objectives, unleashing opportunity for the company. For the CEO, managing the change can be challenging because much remains unknown. There is a need to educate a brand-new PE, GP, board member, or participant to the company on not only the fundamentals, but on all details of the business.

Actively managing the pre-acquisition process

Private equity investment in Canada continues to expand, with increasing numbers of investors looking to realize above-average returns. But the pre-acquisition stage can be extremely challenging, especially for general partners who will be actively involved in growing the company to achieve the expected returns. As a CEO who grows and oversees businesses for a PE firm, I’ve worked with a number of GPs and family offices during the pre-acquisition stage. I’ve seen how challenging it is for owners and senior management to effectively communicate the realities, risks and opportunities of the business to GPs and other investors. The good news is that GPs have an opportunity to actively manage the process. By combining strategic and financial analysis with a host of soft skills, you can build trust with owners through the due diligence period to get to closing.