About Us

CEO Insights is a portal for CEOs and investors seeking best practices and advice on Active Management principles. Our extensive experience is based on dealing with day-to-day problems and solutions through a CEO’s eyes. Whether you’re an investor looking to reset a struggling leadership team, a CEO considering the addition of private equity participation in your business or a senior leader looking for insight on strategy, operating principles and how to deliver better results in your company, CEO Insights provides a perspective, tools and an outlet to support better decisions and outcomes.

CEO Insights is led by Larry Kaumeyer. Larry’s passion for helping private equity participants, business owners and entrepreneurs stems from years of hands-on experience, which gives him a unique perspective in assessing and supporting leaders across various industries. His goal through CEO Insights is to provide information to support General Partners, Limited Partners and operating leadership/partners to deliver returns or make the changes required to enable companies to get to the next level.